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6 Tips to Treat Your Employees Like You Treat Clients

March 12, 2019

Your employees are a fundamental part of your business,




and you need them to have a stable, productive, and engaged workforce that delivers excellent service to your clients. 


Food for thought.


Consider this. 



Your employees spend long hours at work and for most the workplace is their “home away from home.”  Therefore, if your primary goal is to make them want to stay in their second “home,” then what better motivator than for you to treat your team better than you treat your clients?  


Stop and think about the daily investment you make to create a culture that attracts and retains your top clients.


  • How involved are you?  

  • What personal commitments are you making to your clients?

  • How often do you connect with your clients? 


Now think about what you need to do to create the same setting for your team. 


Take Action!


These 6 tips will help you get started.


1. Establish a Relationship 
Establishing a relationship is the first step to having a positive and productive work relationship with your employees.  Knowing your employees by names is a good start, but I challenge you to take it a step further by taking a genuine interest in who they are as individuals.  Ask them about their career aspirations, ask how they want to be treated, or find out how they like to spend their downtime.  You will get to know your employees on a personal level, and you will open the lines of communication between you and each one of the staff members. 


2. Become a Mentor 
Become the type of mentor you would like to have.  Share your knowledge, listen, provide honest feedback, and be a resource. Be intentional about creating learning opportunities for your team.  You can start by helping your employees build a professional network.  Introduce them to key business leaders and help them forge new connections to help them learn and grow. 


3. Encourage and Advocate for Balance 
Recognize that your employees have a life outside of work and support them by encouraging a healthy work-life balance.  Start by providing flexibility, leading by example, and by respecting and establishing boundaries.  Your employees will be more focused, energized, and they will feel appreciated.  Not only will you help improve their productivity, you will also give them a reason to want to continue working for a company that appreciates them and respects their personal life. 




4. Be Fully Present. 
Start by caring for yourself to maintain balance.  Take time to disconnect and schedule time for self-reflection so you can be focused and engaged in every interaction.  Learn how to shut out distractions and become tuned into your team and employees.  Listen to what they are telling you and be aware of what they are not saying.  


5. Invest in the Proper Tools
Investing in the right technology and systems will allow your team to focus on activities that will increase productivity and profitability.  Select tools that automate manual processes, decrease wait times and improve communication.  Then create plans to support healthy transitions to the new systems.  Reward employees who embrace the change, learn the new skills and create opportunities for them to teach others. 


6. It’s the Little Things 
Send your employees handwritten notes or make an unscheduled call, to say, “thank you.”  Don’t just remember your employee’s birthday, commemorate their child’s birthday, or wedding her anniversary.  This simple gesture will make her feel valued and appreciated. 


Becoming a leader who values, respects, and appreciates her employees as much as she respects and values clients, is one of the best decisions you can make.  When you take time to invest in your employees' careers, you will reap the rewards.  Your employees will be happier, engaged, productive, and they will want to continue going to their "home away from home."


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